Friday, February 5, 2010

Don't Step on my Brown Suede Dice Bag

Will wonders never cease? I actually wrote a pattern before I knitted the object. Of course, in this case it was necessary because I needed to change back and forth between cabling and stockinette stitch, and the gauge is always different between the two. I got to use the new Bienfang NoteSketch book though, and I suppose it’s okay. I would still prefer graph paper rather than a blank area at the top, as that would have made it easier to transfer the cable pattern. Being who I am, I traced a section of graph paper onto the page instead:

Naturally, I redacted the cable pattern itself, since that copyright is held by the publishers, but you can still see where I added the graph. You can also see that I ran out of room at the bottom and had to squish my writing so it would fit on one page. I do have a reputation as a mad knittist to maintain, after all, and I suspect my notes accomplish that pretty well.

Here is the yarn I’ll be using:

These are my test swatches: one in stockinette stitch, one in the cable pattern. Both are knitted in the round since the dice bag itself will be knitted in the round, and as I’ve come to discover, my gauge in the round is different than my gauge back-and-forth. Arrgh matey, it be the purls.


  1. I like looking at your handwritten patterns. They have such a cool visual thingy. Je ne se quois. Or something.

    Anyway, NICE!

  2. Thanks :-) FYI, I've finished the outer layer of the bag, and now I have absolutely no idea what to line it with. It'll have to be something with a much smaller gauge or the d4's will poke out. Any suggestions?