Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow Pics from Texas

Snow.  In Texas.  'Nuff said.

These were taken from my front and back doors, respectively, 2/12/2010.


  1. Beautiful-our area looks like yours, however more slush. The back yard is gorgeous (seriously, you don't have to cover pools there in the winter??)

  2. Thanks :-) Ordinarily, we don't have below-freezing temps long enough to need to cover the pool, though there are people who winterize their pools and fountains.

    Ours, however, has an automatic timer for the pumps that includes a "freeze guard." Once the water dips below a certain temperature (in the range of 38-34F), the pumps turn on and keep the water flowing. The spa flows into the pool, so they're both kept from freezing by the movement of the water. Occasionally, during these unusually cold days, there will be a thin sheet of ice on the top of the spa in the morning, but only a few mm: not enough to do any damage or keep the water from flowing and melting it.

    Besides, after our brief snow storm, it's now estimated we're going to hit 51F today. If only there was a way to winterize the sinuses and allergies.

  3. Wow, the shot of your pool looks beautiful!

    Once I was hanging out at a ski resort in Colorado, and they had a heated outdoor pool and spa. It was awesome to sit out there when it was snowing.

  4. Thanks :-) We actually do have a heater for the spa, and often toy with the idea of going out there when it's cold. Then the reality of having 4 kids brings us back to our senses, and we figure we'll manage it when we retire ;-)