Monday, June 7, 2010

New WIP: Baby Set

We've got yet another friend with a baby due to be born any time now. I cast on this blanket Friday night, and by Saturday night, had gotten this far, which is not quite halfway:

By Sunday night I'd gotten this far, which is 6 rows from binding off:

Once I complete the bottom border, it's on to the side borders, and I have a vague notion what I want to do with the hat and booties.

Naturally, there are Mad Knittist Notes involved:

Years from now I'll probably find that page in my notebook and wonder what the heck it means.


  1. That is amazingly quick knitting! How do you do it so quickly?

  2. Thanks :-) Without Vera there'd be no way I could make a baby blanket that quickly. One run of the carriage across the needles and you've got a reverse stockinette stitch row all made. The slow part is doing anything other than reverse stockinette, like the eyelets and the garter stitch; those have to be done manually between running the carriage across. For more info on Vera, see the "Bond America" link under "Ports Ahoy." It sometimes feels like "cheating" but when you know 4 people all having babies at once, there's no substitute for cranking out the blankets.