Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dice Bag - Fighter/Paladin (FO)

After much struggling with the design of this one, I decided to simplify it:

Like most of my dice bags, it has a liner, and the top can be folded down to make the bag stand on its own, which is great for keeping dice handy and visible while playing (note that the grid in the background is comprised of 1-inch squares):

It will also hold a lot of dice. The pic below shows it holding about a third of its maximum capacity:

Here it is tied up for transport:


  1. Looks cute! I like the little loopy things on the outside of the bag. Makes it look like you knitted chain mail or something.

  2. Thanks! That is exactly what it's supposed to look like :-D Originally, I was going to do an overlay that looked like shields hanging off but it just did. not. work. That's what the cabled yarnblob test swatch was for.