Monday, September 20, 2010

Fashion Doll Socks

This was my big knitting project for the weekend:

And here is the proud fashion doll owner of the new socks (if fashion dolls can be said to have pride (or cold feet, for that matter):

Yes, I realize that satin shorts with wool socks are a fashion faux-pas, but so is that hairdo. What do you want from a fashion doll named Blayne? In any case, here is the pencil shot, for the 1-inch-square-grid-impaired:

And of course, the requisite Mad Knittist Notes:

The pattern wasn't particularly difficult, but I do feel better having actually finished something. You can tell I didn't bother trying to match up the stripes on this variegated yarn. Seemed like a lot of effort for Mr. Satin Shorts. However, this project does bring to light just how important gauge is: these socks were intended for my female doll, whose name is Summer. A mere 2 stitches smaller and they would fit her, but at that scale, I didn't want to undo the stitches, so Blayne got the first pair.


  1. That is mindboggling. They're so tiny!

  2. Heheh it's not as bad as you think: I used my standard sock pattern with size 000 DPN's. At this scale, I didn't bother using a proper M1 stitch for the increases, just a reverse-loop cast-on. I also didn't worry about a really good cast-on for the toes; I did a reverse-loop cast-on and just cast one on alternating needles. That's also why I didn't want to start over or try to tink or frog it out when I realized the first sock was too big for the female doll.