Wednesday, October 6, 2010

WIP Progress: Kimono and Why I Get Distracted

First, here's why I get distracted:
That is my older daughter's stuffed bird, named, strangely enough, Gilbird. He was naked, so of course she decided he needed a cape, which I had to stop and knit while working on the kimono:

Yes, that is the kimono under his hiney. Cape completed, I have now gotten this far on the kimono:

It doesn't look like a lot of progress, and really it isn't, but during the color change I am using nearly 40 bobbins, so each row takes an hour. Once I'm past the color change and back to using a single color (which will then be the pink), it will go much faster. That is, provided we don't have too many more naked chickens needing capes.