Friday, October 1, 2010

Progress, But Not a Lot

So after suffering some burn-out, I'm working again on the pink and white baby blanket and have gotten about halfway through the final border, after which I'll make the hat and booties:

I'm also working again on the kimono, and have managed to get the shark eggs (bobbins) under control with the help of a lazy susan:

I've actually gotten a couple of rows into the color change from green to pink, so who knows; I might actually manage to knit the thing.


  1. I saw in Interweave Knits Weekend where they cut slits or holes into the side of a shoebox to control bobbins and skeins when doing colorwork. That might help you...

  2. Hmm... Could be worth a shot. The first time around, I hooked all the bobbins on the other end of the really long circular needles I'm using, and that's how they all slipped off and pulled the piece off. Right now (on the 2nd try) I'm clipping the bobbins to the yarn and/or stitch markers. If that doesn't pan out, I might have to go shoe shopping heheh.