Tuesday, April 26, 2011

De-blobbing the Yarn Stash

So, after quite a long time of thinking about it, I finally dragged all my yarn out of the closet and the lab and various other places I tend to keep it, photographed it all and organized it by color range. Here it is stacked in the library after being photographed:

Here it is repackaged by color range:
(Yes, that's Vera in the foreground, hiding in her case)
Okay, from the outside it doesn't look a lot different than it used to, but at least my photography skills have improved ;-)

Unfortunately, just when I thought I was done, I sat down at my desk only to find a box that had mysteriously been overlooked:

What's in the box, you ask?
Dang it.


  1. I am deeply impressed that you organized your stash though! That's pretty impressive.

  2. Thanks :-) It's less impressive if you realize I've bought more yarn since then that's still on my desk, and that I found another random yarn cake in a basket in my room...