Sunday, May 29, 2011

Another Yarnblob Undone

Remember the Pink Scarf of Doom? I finally got my older daughter to give me some dimensions (9"x6') for the original (cartoon) scarf we're approximating, and it was considerably less wide than the one we were working on. At last measurement, it was 3' wide (yes, 3 feet wide) by about 3.5' long. After informing her that I could probably unwind it and re-knit it to 9" wide by 6' long much more quickly than continuing with the 3' wide version, she finally agreed, and here it is, ripped, wound and waiting to be cast on in the new, compact version:
Yes, this is just the yarn we'd already used. Yikes.


  1. Holey Moley! A three foot WIDE scarf? Geeze... that's huge.

    I can imagine that the nine inch wide version will go much quicker!

    Incidentally, for some stupid blogger reason, it wasn't updating your blog in my roll, so today I popped over and lo and behold, an entire month of missed posts! OY.

    Anyway, have read them all. Laughed, especially at the dolphin mooning you...

  2. Naughty blogger!
    Heheh glad to have made you laugh :-)