Monday, April 19, 2010

Fun with Test Swatches

So my best friend and I went to our LYS recently so she could get some yarn and a pattern for her sister's baby, who is due in September. She's never done a cable in her life, so between gaming I transferred the pattern to a note card and did a test swatch so I could show her how, and so we could work out any eccentricities in the pattern (naturally, there were some). Sorry to disappoint, but I forgot to scan the mad knittist notes I made on the cards. I'll walk the plank later.

In any case, the pattern (which is adorable) calls for some embroidered detail at the cable intersections, so we added that to the test swatch so we could work out any kinks in that as well.

The result of all this careful swatching:

Well, at least it looks happy. Perhaps that's because it has its own built-in yarnblob:

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