Monday, April 5, 2010

The Geckmono

Well, for those of you who've been following along, you know I've been working on a pink kimono. The pattern is from Knit Kimono by Vicki Square. I keep calling it a "shells" pattern but it's actually a fan pattern. In any case, there are lots of really cool patterns in this book, and I was feeling rather inspired, so I got to thinking. There's this Geico gecko on my desk
that my older daughter put there months ago, wanting me to make some sort of clothing for it, though I have forgotten what the original requested item was. I suspect I have forgotten because it's changed a time or two. Might have been a ninja suit, might have been a "Jayne [Cobb] hat."
No. Idea.

As I said, however, I was feeling rather inspired, so after a day and night of hard work, I am pleased to present the Geckmono:

Here it is, re-accessorized with a full-sized shawl pin, also useful as a Gecko Wizard's staff:

Clearly, this is the crowning glory of the collective knitting and designing careers of Ms. Square and myself, and we can now both retire forever, since after this gem, there is nowhere to go but down.


So about that pink kimono...


  1. That's VERY funny. I especially love the gecko's Wizard's Staff.

    BTW, have you seen my (my husband's) Jayne hat? it's in my projects on ravelry.

  2. Found it - that is classic! I was wondering if anyone outside my household would know what a Jayne hat was heheheheh