Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ship Ahoy

My Hubby and I were talking a while back about my blog pic (currently a picture of a tea cozy I knitted). We were talking about maybe making some kind of 3D setup with yarn and taking a photo, and I envisioned a Viking-style ship with scarf blowing from the mainmast and a ram's head at the bow. It was hard to explain and I didn't want to lose the idea, so I scribbled it out as best I could:

Clearly, I am just not an artist, so to explain, the mountain on the island is a cone of yarn and the shrubbery and trees are yarn cakes with DPN's sticking out. The cargo and shields on the ship are spools, and the main mast is a crochet hook. Those things on the sails that look like nails are supposed to be knitting needles. The single cloud is supposed to be a skein of white yarn and the oppositely-colored dots in the Yin-Yang symbol are supposed to look like the end of a skein or cake. It looked a lot better in my head than it does on paper. Perhaps for now I'll just stick with the tea cozy.


  1. When I was a working artist it happened all the time that what was in my head was MUCH better than what I could get out. Eventually I got to the point where what I could get out was just DIFFERENT than what was in my head, but had its own charms that came from process. Anyway, I think if you make it out of yarn and photograph it, it will be neat; you should try it!

  2. Heheh I doubt I'll ever get to the point where it's just "different" on paper, but maybe I can get it to come out in actual yarn. Think I might work on that. At the very least, it'll give me a compelling reason to organize my yarn stash :-)