Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pink Kimono Progress

After coming to the end of the first skein of the Pink Yarn of Doom, I realized I didn't have enough to finish even the smaller sized kimono. I wouldn't have needed more yarn if this particular lot didn't look so blobby when used with larger needles. At current gauge, however, I lacked about 3 skeins. Yes, it's true: I needed more yarn.

At first, I considered simply ordering 3-4 skeins from the manufacturer (I think it's only available online), but I just didn't wanna. I wanted to add another color, maybe some green or something to counteract the pinkness. Don't get me wrong: I actually like the color and have a couple of blouses I wear to work that are a very similar color. I only call it the Pink Yarn of Doom because it's funny and sounds RPG-ish. But let's face it: a pink kimono large enough to fit me is gonna be a lot of pink. I'm hoping if I add some green or something it will unpinkify it a bit. Also, I like green, and I particularly like pink/green/cream color combinations (even though I don't seem to have any in my wardrobe).

So, with my test swatch and a label from the pink yarn in hand, my ever-so-patient Hubby and I went off to our LYS the Woolie Ewe to see what could be found in the way of coordinating yarns in a similar weight. Ordinarily, I rarely get out of my LYS for less than $50, primarily because there's too much ooh-ing and aah-ing by both of us. However, the store has a points-based coupon frequent buyer yarnaholic enabling program which, of course, I'm a member of. Today, we ended up with a little yarn guide (a plastic thingy intended to help with using multiple strands, but I use them to keep from wearing a thin sock-yarn-wide groove into my index finger), a ball of shiny orange yarn my hubby picked out (no idea what he I am going do with it), and the green yarn we found for the kimono. Between the coupon and the Ravelry discount, we got out of there for less than $20. That was a red letter day.

Anyway, here's the test swatch for the green, side-by-side with the current pink:

The odd thing about the pink yarn is that it never photographs or scans exactly the color it really is. It's kind of a dusty, darkish pink, which is what I like about it. The lighter shade of the green yarn doesn't seem to want to photograph exactly either, but this is close for both of them:

Strangely, though the green yarn appears thicker, it actually knits to the same gauge. I figured it would be close, since the meters-per-50 gms length was the same, but once I started the swatch I thought surely I'd have to use smaller needles. I guess it's just that the green yarn splays out a bit, and the pink stays twisted together. Weird, but convenient.

Of course, this means I gotta frog out the whole pink thing and start over. Fortunately, I think the new color combo will work out well, and I'm even more excited about this project than I was when I first decided to make the Pink Yarn of Doom into a kimono. Naturally, that probably means my older daughter will swipe the thing as soon as it's done and I'll never see it again except on her person. Either way, it's always good if something I've knitted is enjoyed. We shall see.


  1. Ok, I am waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay behind on your blog.

    I'm glad that you're enjoying the pink yarn of doom. If you need more, let me know, I can get it at a store near my work.

    However, I LOVE the green with the pink. It looks awesome.

  2. Thanks, and thanks for the offer. With the addition of the green I think I'll have enough, but if not, I'll let ya know :-)