Monday, July 5, 2010

WIP - Mini Painting

We recently bought the updated painting book from Games Workshop on how to paint their brand of minis. We don't currently collect their minis but the book is really good, as are their paintbrushes. My Hubby already had the original book which I read some time ago, but the updated one has some tips and details that aren't in the original. After reading it through, it took me several days to find time to actually sit down and paint. Aside from doing some filing and base-coating on a handful of minis, I started painting one of my assassins:

Thanks to the zoom lens and close-up setting, you can see how unsteady my hands are. I'll obviously need to do some touch-ups later in the process, but for now I have to take a break because my hands are getting less steady by the minute. Time to knit.


  1. Hmm. Can't really see the unsteady hands thing. They look pretty good to me!

  2. Thanks :-) If you click on the pics you get a closer view - some of the highlighting is more like highsmudging, but I can probably fix that later. I tend to be very self-critical when it comes to painting.
    P.S. I decided to make cookies so I'll be "painting" those once the icing is done, heheh.