Saturday, January 30, 2010

Badass Geek Button

Okay, so I follow an increasing number of blogs that I find interesting. One of them, the Badass Geek, has a contest going on for Badass Geek pins, and I want one. So, what would I do for a Badass Geek Pin? I’d:

-Post images of the completely useless data I collect for no reason at work (no, work does not require me to collect this data: I’m just a nerd):

and the color-coded charts that go with it:

-Post a scan of my handwritten notes for reverse-engineering a pair of baby booties I knitted without a pattern. A glimpse at the handwriting and mad scientist (okay, mad knit-ist) style of note-taking will leave no question as to why this is embarrassing:

-Re-post a pic of my worst cake fail:

-Post pics of my desk, in all its chaotic glory:

Old desk, with CloudSheep:

New desk, with commentary:

-Post a screen shot of my top 25 most played iTunes songs:

Note that #24 is the ending song “Still Alive” by Valve from the Portal game, which I went out of my way to locate and add to my iTunes. “We do what we must because we can.” PS The cake is not a lie, it just wouldn't come out of the pan.

Okay, none of these are likely to land me a cool Badass Geek button, but it was worth a shot :-D

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