Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sock Pattern: Toe-Up

This is a generic toe-up sock pattern, intended to have the information on yarn and gauge filled in once a test swatch has been done. This one also uses the 3-needle bindoff for the toe.

This pattern can be used for anything from a sock yarn to a worsted weight yarn to a super-chunky yarn for slippers.

This pair is made from a sock yarn (specifically OnLine SuperSocke 100, Linetto-Color #1100, using US Size 2 circular needles, yielding a gauge of 6.25 st/in in circular stockinette:

I made the cuffs long so I could turn them down. As you can see from the next photo, the K3P1 ribbing looks almost invisible from the right side of the cuff, and makes a wider-looking rib once the cuff is turned down.

The next pair is made from worsted weight yarn, specifically RedHeart # 946 Peruvian Print, knitted with size US 5 circular needles, yielding a gauge of 4.5 st/in in circular stockinette:

These can be worn as slippers or as boot socks.  Using an even thicker yarn makes easy slippers, but a tight gauge is needed or they'll sag as the yarn relaxes.

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