Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Yarnvana - Why I Knit

There's a contest going on at Lion Brand’s Blog wherein entrants post about why knitting or crocheting makes them better (ends 1/15/2010). It took me awhile to post mine because I figured brevity would be good, and trying to explain that of course it makes me better, let alone why, would just take more words than anyone wants to read. Finally, after being at home sick a few days, unable to knit (and thus blogging instead), I started thinking again about why I knit. Naturally, I figured posting the whole thing as my entry would be a bad idea, so I entered a much shorter version. Here in my blog, however, I get to blather on without restraint:

The truth is, I knit for many reasons. I knit because I hate to sit idle, and I need something for my hands to do during “idle time,” since my mind is rarely idle. Without something creative to do, idle hands tend to be destructive instead. I used to do puzzles, but that creates nothing. Sometimes I play simple, mindless computer games, which also creates nothing. So, instead, I knit while my mind wanders where it will. I also knit during those rare occasions I watch TV or movies at home, so the time is not entirely wasted.

I became addicted to knitting because somehow, it helps unravel my thoughts and work them into something useful. Problems seem more easily solved, projects more easily organized, if I think about them while knitting. It’s not exactly a replacement for REM sleep, but serves nonetheless to clear the mind, both conscious and subconscious. Things I have forgotten are often remembered while knitting along, so I try to keep a pad of paper and a pencil around so I don’t forget again once I’ve stopped knitting. This seemingly simple activity provides a safe haven for the mind, a virtual refuge, a calm spot in the center of whatever storm may be brewing around me, and gives me the mental space to sort things out.

By now, you may realize that's part of why I call my blog Yarnvana. It's also because I just love yarn. In fact, the first time I walked into the LYS (local yarn store), I told my Hubby we'd walked into Yarnvana (which is not the name of the store). He takes me there sometimes just to watch me ooh and ahh over the yarn. He says yarn is the only thing I really get excited about, and that is generally true. In fact, when we go to the LYS or I find a new site or mag with new stuff in it, I go all wiggy like a Hollywood-style pirate looking at an unattended dragon's horde (thus the pirate references in my blog). So if you've been wondering why Yarnvana would involve pirates, well, that's why: Knitting makes me calm and centered until I see the unattended dragon's horde and then the "Argh, Matey, I needs me some more yaarrrnn" starts and there's just no telling me I have enough yarn already.

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