Sunday, January 10, 2010

Scurvy Yarn Project

I have to admit that my Hubby isn’t the only one who occasionally picks bad yarn. A year or so ago I found some yarn that, in ball form, looked rather pretty. Once I started knitting with it, though, it became not so pretty. To be more accurate, knitted up, it looks like someone ate a van Gogh and then threw up. Not one to waste yarn if I can help it, I made a small placemat and coaster that I use at work. I figure if someone swipes them or accidentally throws them away, no loss. Naturally, that probably means I’m stuck with them forever.


If you happen to like this yarn, it's Plymouth Yarn, Italian Collection, Ms. Jones in color 2619; content is acrylic/ nylon/ mohair. I think it's been discontinued.

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