Saturday, January 16, 2010

CrapCat has a new home!

My Hubby got us matching desks, so now CrapCat has a shelf to sit on, which he shares with the sheep.

The big sheep is the one previously pictured on my desk with the cloudy ending; the other two are gifts I received for Christmas: the one with the little basket has a strap intended to keep scissors handy, the other is a tape measure. Naturally, CrapCat and his small flock don’t take up the entire shelf, so featured behind him are the foam shuriken and the books and software I use most often. Between him and the flock are my “Toadily Handmade” stamp I haven’t had the chance to use yet and the Frankenstein Monster of aircraft, pieced together from the few bits of Tente blocks my Hubby found amongst his ever-growing collection of Legos.

We’re not sure where the hand came from, but Thing is hanging on for dear life. And yes, that is the Mini Ninjas game next to the foam shuriken behind CrapCat. Is that so wrong?

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