Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Thermos Cozy

My thermos, like probably a lot of thermii, tends to lose a lot of heat in transit. This not only leads to tepid coffee, but also the transference of heat to other objects in my bag that should not be heated. This is not good.

To solve this problem, I knitted a thermos cover from two colors of leftover yarn from the Yarn Booty. The outer layer is a bulky weight wool I wish I could remember the name of, but I think it’s been discontinued. It was Tibet Joy or something like that and is quite a lovely multi-colored yarn. I only had one ball of it, and used the green portion for a small book cover, so there wasn’t any left for the thermos cozy. The inner layer is made from Classic Elite Premier in a dark brown (color 4987, apparently discontinued). Premier is a very soft pima cotton/tencel worsted weight yarn. I chose dark brown for the inner layer so if any coffee leaked out, it wouldn’t show.


The top of the thermos cozy is done in ribbing so you can either smoosh it down over the top of the thermos or fold it down outward for easy access. Since the decreases at the bottom of the cozy are done every row, the bottom is flat so your thermos will still stand up properly.


The pattern is available here.

PS pay no attention to the Reaper paints behind the cozy: it's merely a figment of your imagination.... (turns out our new rolling paint/craft cart is also a good photo spot).

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