Monday, February 22, 2010

New Additions to the Yarn Booty

My Hubby and I managed to get out of the house last weekend, so of course we went to Madness, which is our local game store and, of course, our LYS. We are planning for me to make dice bags, possibly for sale, so we bought lots of pretty yarn:


Thanks to our game store purchases and superb parental influence, my older daughter was able to produce a tiny guardian for the new Yarn Booty additions:


Here's a close-up of the tiny guardian, held aloft by his owner/trainer:

Yes, that's a Wee Ninja. And yes, that's a fuzzy pencil with a tiny devil duck on either end, intended to be a two-ended weapon for the ninja.

You just can't buy that kind of parental pride.


  1. Booty!

    Love the new yarn added to your collection. Looks like you all had a great weekend!